Monday, February 20, 2012

Parts of the Whole

Spoonbills at Sunrise
Original Photo Montage

"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep."

Scott Adams

In the life of all creative souls, there are times of hibernation, reflection and exploration. So it has been with me for the last half year. Many of you have visited my studio and watched my journeys into printing onto a plethora of substrates, such as metals, wood, marbles, glass, acrylic mirror - even the inside of soda cans! Those who've witnessed this process have been so kind not to mention the bald patches on my head from tearing my hair out.

To save hair and lower my frustration levels (metals are such annoyingly finicky companions!), in January, I decided to take a hiatus from printing and instead do what every wise artist should always do - PLAY with my photographs. I began blending them - sometimes 8 or 10 of them - into colorful montages that, much to my surprise, gave me a richer, more realized, "vision" of what my brain "saw" the day the primary - or inspiration - photograph was taken.

In the photo below, I've placed the original photos used to create it in a row at the bottom. You can probably make out nearly all of them in the final image, although a few of them were used for texture and/or color hues only. The colorful, abstract image on the far right is - sit down for this one! - the result of my late night forays into macro photography of olive oil!

And in the end, the image below and two others were printed - successfully! - on a wonderful metallic paper, giving them a divine depth and character. They are framed and hanging in Kathleen Bradford's Gallery, so stop by and take a look. I'm working on a solo show of these images, printed on a variety of materials from wood to paper, fabrics and beyond, for January 2013. Stay tuned for dates and times.

Mangrove Memory
Original Photo Montage