Friday, September 24, 2010

After Dark The World Slows Down

After Dark The World Slows Down
Barefoot Beach, Florida

"The poetry of the earth is never dead."
--John Keats

The week has been a flurry of creative activity. A new gallery is opening, and my photographs now cover a wall in it. A private opening is on Sunday, so I've been up to my eyelashes in framing new stuff, working out gallery prices, figuring out how they'll hang on the wall, getting my own process in order (and we haven't even answered the real dilemma: what will I wear???). While it may seem like an artist's creative process ends when the shutter closes, that couldn't be further from the truth.

The gallery owner came by my little office/studio one day recently. I had been working with another client - an interior designer - who wanted some of my photographs for a client of hers. We were sifting through unprinted stuff in my inventory and she saw some of my abstracts. In no time at all, I was totally outside my normal comfort and digital purity box, tweaking colors and angles and textures and lighting. I have to say, it made my pulse quicken a bit for me to tweak to that degree. Never let it be said that money (and client happiness) is not a motivator.

In the end, I liked the result much more than I thought I would. My client was happy. I tried something new. I got paid. Cool beans.

I showed the gallery owner that piece and some of my other abstract stuff and she fell in love. So, this week - this opening, will be far from my usual style. It is photography less perfectly and realistically composed. It is still me, just me with a new paint job and tricked-out hubcaps.

One sweet reward of pushing outside your comfort zone: you can fall in love with your art all over again. And that is a poetry worth living for.

Nikon D2x, Nikkor 12-24 VR, a very sturdy tripod, cable release, sweet night sky and a smidge of patience