Monday, October 19, 2009

Each time I make a photograph...

Little Green Heron & Dragonfly
Wiggins Pass, Florida
October 2009

"Each time I make a photograph I celebrate the life I love and the beauty I know and the happiness I have experienced."
---Ruth Bernhard

Winter arrived with a bang yesterday morning. Temperatures plummeted from the 70's at dawn to the 50's, and the wind soaked up all the humidity in the air and took it somewhere else. Had the record-breaking cool weather not arrived, I was banking on a trip I'm making next week to photograph a house in Greenville, SC for a client (and try to find some fall foliage in the Smokies!). The sludge-filled air of summer grows old by October. A big change gives us all something new to talk about.

Even the birds seemed to sense it. They've been arriving in little waves, much like their human counterparts from the north. It's good to see them all again, and chase them around on oyster bars and through mangrove islands. It's a good life, living on the sandbar, being part of the seasonal waves of life.

The first Side Street Artists show of the season on November 21 is sold out! Many of last year's artists are returning, and we'll all welcome the new ones joining us. Please come visit us. You won't be disappointed!

Nikon D2x, Nikkor 80-400 VR, floating in the kayak

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Mr. Z: Alias Ron Zandman-Zeman said...

"Nice picture," said the spider to the fly.